What is Nothing But New England? We are a couple of outdoor loving, curious souls always on the look out for fun things to be seen and experienced in what we call our “Back Yard”…New England.

A Little Bit About Us

Cathy and I (Frank) met while waiting for our sons’ soccer practice to start.  We both had gotten the time of the practice wrong, and ended up chatting until the practice started.  It didn’t take time to learn how much we had in common.  From that bond, we found love and have been inseparable.

This is Bondcliff in New Hampshire. I am terrified of heights. Cathy can talk me into just about anything

Balancing Act

Cathy (aka “Wildcat”) is an expert hiker and always on the lookout for new adventures. Although we both share a strong curiosity streak, Cathy introduced me to many of the outdoor activities that I have come to know and love.  She says that I am the calming influence in her life, but I just think we make a great team and compliment each other well.

What to expect

We had both lived in New England our whole lives, loved the outdoors, and most importantly loved exploring.  New England is such an amazing place to live.  It seems no matter how long you have lived here, there is always something new to be experienced.

Nothing But New England is where we hope you’ll come again and again to see all the fun, interesting, adventurous, or maybe just “off the beaten path” things to be seen around New England.