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How POW! WOW! Teaches a New England City

I may have a street art addiction!  Ok, I admit it… I do!  Our RoarLoud site makes a point of seeking out street art every trip, and sharing our finds in many blogs.  We started a street art chat on Twitter, and look forward to seeing everyone share the new art they have found every month.  When I heard there was a mural festival right here in New England, I couldn’t wait to visit!  Seeing art in process is special, like seeing how a magician does a magic trick.  The real magic of this beautiful street art is the...

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How to Relax On The Clouds at Grafton Pond

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.  -Loren Eiseley When your life is busy and stressful it is really important to take  make the time to relax!  One of the most relaxing things I do is kayak.  A quiet pond with no motor boats, few people and water as smooth as glass is my ideal spot. Grafton Pond always delivers all of this and more for me! Come with us to kayak in the clouds at Grafton Pond. Learn more about Grafton Pond Reservation Watching any wildlife is exciting to me but I rarely...

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Where is the Best Pizza in America? Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria

When I’m visiting a new place one of my favorite things to do is visit a restaurant locals say is a must try.  In the New Haven Connecticut area the restaurant of choice was clearly Frank Pepe Pizzeria, known by locals as Pepe’s Pizza.  As seen on the Food Network and also a favorite among those in the area, both of Pepe’s restaurants had lines wrapping around the buildings.  Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria may just be the best pizza in America! Give us your favorites for where the best pizza in America is! Driving into a cute small neighborhood in Connecticut, there was...

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Where to Discover Amazing Street Art in Boston

Everywhere I go I look for street art.  It has become a challenging adventure to find new street art wherever I go.  I’ve done some research to find street art in New England.  This led me to an intriguing place called Graffiti Alley in Boston.  As with most of our adventures, the fun comes in the unplanned things that happen.  Come with us on our street art adventures in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Do you know of more street art in Boston? Share it with us as this post will be updated with new art regularly! With directions...

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Why You Want to Climb New Hampshire’s Mt. Garfield

Normally I’d want to find a more quiet place to be on a busy holiday weekend but we have a goal of finishing Frank’s 4,000 foot mountains in NH.  It is a great goal and also doubles as training for us for more extreme hikes.  We camped nearby at Tarry Ho Campground so our ride was a quick 10 minutes to the trailhead.  The parking lot was overflowing by the time we got there so we were prepared for a hike with lots of people.  Somehow we didn’t see many people on trail for long and enjoyed quiet times...

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