If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.  -Loren Eiseley

When your life is busy and stressful it is really important to take  make the time to relax!  One of the most relaxing things I do is kayak.  A quiet pond with no motor boats, few people and water as smooth as glass is my ideal spot. Grafton Pond always delivers all of this and more for me! Come with us to kayak in the clouds at Grafton Pond.

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Frank kayaking below threatening clouds

Cathy with her feet up drifting along

Watching any wildlife is exciting to me but I rarely see loons, especially as closely as I can observe them at Grafton Pond.  For some reason every time I go to Grafton Pond the loons do something funny or interesting, it is really nice of them to entertain me!

On this trip we encountered a gathering of seven adult loons with no babies.  I’ve never seen more than two adults together and at this time of year most had babies with them.  While we snapped photos of the group one loon came up from underwater below another loon.  The fluster that erupted from that was very amusing to watch, check out the funny video with volume up high for full effect!


Some days are for fast paced adventures or hiking big mountains but every once in a while a day relaxing in the clouds is good! Share your favorite places to kayak in the comments!

hitch-hiking dragonfly

nature's art - stump with its reflection

Other places we relax:

Great views on New Hampshire’s Mt. Garfield

Kayaking during murmuration in Connecticut

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How to Relax On The Clouds at Grafton Pond