I may have a street art addiction!  Ok, I admit it… I do!  Our RoarLoud site makes a point of seeking out street art every trip, and sharing our finds in many blogs.  We started a street art chat on Twitter, and look forward to seeing everyone share the new art they have found every month.  When I heard there was a mural festival right here in New England, I couldn’t wait to visit!  Seeing art in process is special, like seeing how a magician does a magic trick.  The real magic of this beautiful street art is the meaning behind it.  POW! WOW! teaches a New England city with each piece of street art.  In it’s second year Pow! Wow! Worcester is adding schools as the canvas!

A few turns off the highway we found street art.

Pow! Wow! Worcester mural of a tiger, an owl, and Tom from Tom and Jerry

Murals are great because they are larger than life and make such a great visual impact. Artist: Greg Mike

I had two of my teenage girls with me and they were great at spotting some art I would have missed, since I was focused on the road.  This large mural caught our eye.  On a closer look at her beautiful ring, I realized it was a vent incorporated into the art!  Such a clever way to disguise part of the building into the art.

Pow! Wow! Worchester mural of woman's face with a ring on her finger

Snapping photos from many angles can get curious looks and questions.  After explaining how I was writing about POW!WOW! Worcester, a kind woman told me we had to visit the school up the road.  I was very grateful she recommended we visit Elm Park Community school!  Almost every wall of the school had a beautiful mural on it.  Many artists were finishing their pieces and welcomed questions and conversations.  I met Lucas Aoki, who had his paint roller in hand at the end of the day.  Chatting about street art with people who create these masterpieces is always fun for me!

Mural by Lucas Aoki at the Pow! Wow! Worcester Mural Festival

Mural by Lucas Aoki at the Pow! Wow! Worchester Mural Festival

Spencer Shea of Chop Em Down Films shared how is often documenting street artists and their work but getting into creating his own too!

Mural being created by Spencer Shea at the Pow! Wow! Worcester

Mural being created by Spencer Shea at the Pow! Wow! Worcester

Worcester MA street art by Spencer Shea

Completed work by Spencer Shea

Adding murals to a school encourages creativity, and brings a sense of pride to students. We have seen this in Wynwood Miami, an area that needed revitalization became an artistic hot spot.  Street art can transform areas, bringing beauty, tourism and inspiration to a community.Elm Park Community school at POW!Wow! Worcester, MA

Mural by Joe Iurato at Pow! Wow! Worcester Mural Festival

Two pieces above by Joe Iurato

Galaxy Animal Mural at Pow! Wow! Worcester Mural Festival

Free Your Mind Mural at Pow! Wow! Worcester Mural Festival

123 Klan Mural at Pow! Wow! Worchester Mural Festival

This mural was by 123 Klan, a family who creates street art together!

The Youth is starting to change are you? -MGMT @powwowworcester #MGMT Photo by @spencershea of @chopemdownfilms

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Getting the kids involved in their community and art! Photo by Spencer Shea of Chop Em Down Films

At Canterbury Street School we found more art, this one by Tom Bob is one of my favorites.

POW! WOW! Worcester street art by Tom Bob

Love this too? See more of his art here!

Check out the before!

BEFORE… #powwowworcester

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At each stop a new place to visit was recommended.  Heading to our next destination I had to pull down a side street, when I spotted local rock star Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.. on a mural!  I would have loved to play Dream On, but it would have been lost on my teen girls.. next time!

Mural of Steven Tyler at Pow! Wow! Worcester

Housing developments are often overlooked for beautification in a city.  Standing between two buildings these wings will be an incredible sight!  Pardon the corniness but I can imagine dreams taking flight!

Wings street art mural at POW!Wow! Worcester Massachusetts

POW!WOW! Worcester is not something I could cover in half a day.  I will be back numerous times to see the finished work and find pieces I missed.  The goal of mural festivals is continued visits, finding new discoveries and creating a place you want to come back to!  POW!WOW! Worcester does an incredible job with all of that.  Check out their website for a map of the murals and more information including the meaning behind last year’s murals.  Then head out to explore Worcester, a New England city learning through street art!

Mural by Ryan Gardell at Pow! Wow! Worcester

Mural by Ryan Gardell at Pow! Wow! Worcester

POW!WOW!Worcester runs until September 3rd this year, the murals are there all year as well as the murals from 2016.  

Looking for street art in the Boston area?- check this out!


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