In winter the ski towns in Vermont arebooming and full of people.  Come Spring and Summer these towns are quiet, very quiet.  Then an idea was created to draw people to these beautiful towns in Vermont in the off season.  The Green Mountain Adventure Challenge was started in 2013 bringing adventurers to Vermont.  We share our tips and some secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge with you. **Note the game is over and clues will be different next year.  Even though there will be new clues these tips will get you in the right frame of mind for solving this adventure challenge.

Here are the Basics

Adventurers will explore the nearby Vermont towns, mountains, woods, rivers, historic buildings and more.  Getting to know locals is encouraged and often helpful for clues.  This real life “National Treasure” adventure takes about 2 days to complete the “easy” level challenge.  We completed this not so easy challenge in two days but recommend taking an extra day or two to have some time relaxing in this area.  The next level, difficult, we did not have time to attempt.  We met some experts that completed the difficult level in about a day and half.  They shared their secret tips with us.

An Expert’s Advice: Talk to people…don’t be embarrassed!  Meeting people is a huge part of our adventure and although sometimes we were led astray, ultimately it was those conversations that propelled us forward in the challenge.  We needed those hints, moments of camaraderie to keep going and keep the faith.

To finish the expert level plan on being focused- highly focused on the challenge.  On the 4 hour car ride to Vermont, we were chatting about life, work, parenting, relationships and the minute we got the first clue, game faces came on.  We were highly focused and both of us had the same laser focus…not sure many people would want to go to stay at a hotel with a lovely pool and hot tub on a really hot weekend and not use them…even once…and only have one beer the whole weekend…Oh yeah and barely stop to eat or bathe even though we were sweaty and smelly and soaking wet from hiking through thunderstorms.


For first year participants, clues may take some time to figure out.  The first clue we received which actually  lead us to the start of the game baffled us.  We needed a hint to get the clue.  We were a little concerned about starting off badly!  Check out the starter clue:

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

Yes, that is it.  Read to the bottom of this post for the answer.

Our first clue brought us to Mt. Stratton.  Hiking to the summit fire tower of Mt. Stratton can get you hungry and thirsty.  We had some adventures at Stratton in the winter and we were happy to visit the village again.

TIP:  Head up from the ski area and then stop at Mulligans for a meal.  Another favorite of ours is Stratton Mountain Deli – their sandwiches are incredible!  If you are in the area for dinner try Verde for an unforgettable meal.

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

Some of the clues in the game were subtle and we would have missed them if other adventurers had not pointed the clues out to us.  Everyone we met was friendly and helpful, it made the game even more fun.

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

TIP: Take the time to appreciate the area.  We stopped and ate pastry by a river, took photos of a lily pad filled pond and even saw a bear.  The game is great fun but the moments of appreciating our surroundings were my favorite.

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

Stop and smell the flowers, well maybe not these in the pond!

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

The bear that posed for photos.

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

This guy ran off before posing for photos.

We purchased our tickets from Living Social where we got a package including:

  • 2 night lodging at one of 11 Inns
  • 2 adventure passes
  • Breakfast for 2 and trail lunch for two on one day
  • Adventure kit:  2 tshirts
  • 2 waterbottles
  • 2 backpacks
  • 2 notebooks with pens
  • $10 to charity
  • $10 donation to the Grand Prize (for expert level)
  • *kids under 15 are free to join parents

This package was also available on the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge site as well as other packages.

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

Details and tips:

  • the adventure runs May 27- September 5th *dates may vary in upcoming years
  • reservations are not required for the game but are required for the lodging
  • smart phones are helpful
  • GPS will be your friend
  • don’t be shy, talk to everyone – some people can really help you in the game
  • a map of the area is helpful, cell coverage is unreliable
  • be prepared for some exercise
  • New England weather is unpredictable, bring rain gear and warm clothes
  • some Inns have pools and hot tubs, bring a bathing suit in case you make the time to enjoy the amenities

Stats for this year’s adventure:

Adventurers Registered: 1,626
Adventures Begun: 1,544
Adventures Completed, easy level: 1,230
Adventures Completed, expert level: 312
Cash Prize Pot: $8,940
Charity Funds Raised: $8,940

We are always up for trying a new adventure. This was a great weekend away for us in beautiful Vermont.  While we would do the challenge again, we would add a day or two for enjoying the sights and relaxing.  Are you ready to try this real life adventure?  Get ready in the Spring to use our secrets for the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge and good luck!  Of course, if you had a great time at this challenge…remember to thank Nothing But New England!

The answer to the starter clue, did you guess it?

Secrets of the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont

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Tips for the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge in Vermont