Being able to get away can be so relaxing.   Living in New England, we are spoiled with the number of choices of destinations.  While some spots are heavily marketed as “the” place to go, you may be overlooking some lesser hyped locations.  We’d like to shine our spot light on the smallest of states Rhode Island.  Although it is small in size, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to do and see.  Here are just some of the things we found that made our trip to Rhode Island a great weekend getaway.

Avoid the Rush

Driving to Rhode Island was such a breeze from where we live in New Hampshire.  We love New Hampshire with all our hearts, but the traffic into the White Mountains on the weekend can be a rush to beat the crowds.  If you are from Massachusetts, the same can be said for heading to the Cape.  Basically there are places that you need to be driving odd hours in order to avoid the rush.  Our destination for this trip was the Newport, Rhode Island area.  This isn’t to say that there isn’t any traffic going into Rhode Island, but it just didn’t seem as bad, and a lot less stressful.

Cathy driving to Newport

Money in Check

We love to travel.  Unfortunately, love of travel is an expensive kind of love.  Lucky for us, we are nature lovers and can handle camping.  We found a really nice campground in the area called Burlingame State Park in Charlestown, RI.  It was close to everything we wanted to visit, got us closer to nature, and cheap alternative to hotel.

Beach at Burlingame State Park Campground Rhode Island

First Stop Fort Adams

Our first stop in Rhode Island was Fort Adams.  Established 1799, Fort Adams was at the time the most heavily armed military base in America.  We went on one of the tours of this base that is so worth the money.  First off the guides are fantastic.  Their knowledge of the historical significance of the base and the enthusiasm with which they relate the information is so interesting.  We also got a chance to explore some of the tunnels that run throughout the fort, which always appeals to our curious natures.

Guided Tour at Fort Adams

Reinforced walls of the halls in Fort Adams

Fortified entrance to the fort

Exploring worked up our appetite.  This leads to the next reason why Rhode Island was so much fun, the food!  A friend suggested we try Aunt Carrie’s for great seafood.

Aunt Carrie's Restaurant Sign, Rhode Island

The food was excellent.  It was the first time we ever had clam cakes (awesome!) and the lobster roll was great as well.

Aunt Carrie's lobster roll

Of course the perfect way to finish off a meal is with dessert.  We asked around for the best ice cream in the area, and the response we got was unanimous.  Brickley’s Ice Cream was the choice.  As you can see by the line, more than a few other people had the same idea and thought that Brickley’s was the best.


Great Food and ice cream can always make for a good weekend, but we were in Rhode Island.  Any great weekend in Rhode Island for us will always include going to the beach.  Our next stop was Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett.  The beach is always great for sunsets.  We got some great photos and had lots of fun.

Point Judith Lighthouse

Reeds along inlet for Point Judith

Shoreline by Point Judith at sunset

People releasing balloons at a celebration on Point Judith

People releasing ballons at a celebration on Point Judith

Starting Fresh

Waking up the next day, we packed up our campsite and were back exploring the area.  Some of the locals recommended the best breakfast with the best Bloody Marys in Rhode Island, so of course we checked it out.

The Ocean Mist was a lively place, packed with people and did not disappoint….and neither did the Bloody Marys.

Packed bar at the Ocean Mist

Packed bar at the Ocean Mist

Time to See the Sights

Pleasantly full, we were off to see the sights.  First stop was an antique shop that had extravagant statues.  Ever the cat lover, Cathy just had to say hi to the kitties.

Aardvark Antiques with lion guarding

Cathy saying hi to the kitty

Cathy saying hi to the kitty

Heading back to Newport, we visited the local shops and went sightseeing.

Shopping in Newport

Midtown Oyster Bar in Rhode Island

Mini scooter cars for rent

Coffee shop in Rhode Island

Take a Cliff Walk

While here we had to visit Newport’s top attraction, the iconic Cliff Walk.  It is a oceanfront walkway that provides amazing views of the ocean, mansions, and stone stairs leading down to the ocean (the 40 Steps).

Cliff Walk shoreline

Mansion along Cliff Walk Rhode Island

Fence with locks on Cliff Walk

40 Steps on Cliff Walk in Rhode Island

Fort Wetherill

As I mentioned earlier, we have a long curious streak.  We heard about a former artillery fort that was open for exploration, so of course we had to explore it.

Fort Wetherill entrance in Rhode Island

Spooky passage in the fort         Another passage of the fort

Even if you are not into exploring, the views from the fort are peaceful and worth the visit.

Ocean view from the fort in Rhode Island

Street Art & More Ice Cream

One of Cathy’s passions is street art.  She always is on the lookout for artistic murals around the world.  Finding street art and yes more ice cream made her day.

Street art in Rhode Island

beautiful street art in Rhode Island         waves street art in Rhode Island

Providence Rhode Island Industry street art by Obey

As for the ice cream, local once again led us to a great place and they even had their own kind of street art

Three Sisters street art mural

Three Sister Ice Cream shop

Three Sisters ice cream truck

We had a time in Rhode Island, that was fun and sure to be some place we escape again for a great New England getaway.