When I’m visiting a new place one of my favorite things to do is visit a restaurant locals say is a must try.  In the New Haven Connecticut area the restaurant of choice was clearly Frank Pepe Pizzeria, known by locals as Pepe’s Pizza.  As seen on the Food Network and also a favorite among those in the area, both of Pepe’s restaurants had lines wrapping around the buildings.  Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria may just be the best pizza in America! Give us your favorites for where the best pizza in America is!

Frank Pepe's Pizzeria

Driving into a cute small neighborhood in Connecticut, there was no doubt I was there when parking became scarce even in the two lots designated for the restaurants.  Fortunately the line for “to go orders” was short, and the staff were ready to offer suggestions.  Since I’m not crazy about clams, I didn’t try their famous white clam pizza.  I stuck to a traditional pepperoni pizza.  Frank is a big fan of goat cheese, so I ordered the Quattro Formaggio pizza for him to try.

Original Frank Pepe's Pizzeria info

While I waited, I visited both the original Pepe’s restaurant and the newer one.  Later read the funny story of how two restaurants came to be.   Each restaurant was full to capacity with clients, and the aromas of pizza cooking in coal fired ovens.

Inside Frank Pepe's Pizzeria

After about half an hour, my beautiful pizzas came out looking delicious!  I was impressed with the crisp yet chewy dough, unusual for wood fired pizza.  The thick cut pepperoni was nestled in the cheese, which was another great surprise.  Frank agreed that crust was perfect, and loved his goat cheese pizza.  No stuffed crust or special sauces needed when the pizza is this great.

delicious pizza from Frank Pepe's Pizzeria

pizza from Frank Pepe's Pizzeria

Pepe’s has 8 locations, with restaurants in Connecticut, New York and even one in Massachusetts soon!  Clearly they know pizza, since Frank Pepe’s pizzeria has been going strong since 1925.  If you are in the area of any of their locations, I highly recommend enjoying a pizza or two!  Is Frank Pepe’s  Pizzeria the best pizza in America?  Let me know if you agree and share your favorites that I should try!

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Where is the Best Pizza in America? Frank Pepe's Pizzeria